Who doesn't love a good story?

"Mardell Shares Stories" brings you eight different story series featuring short stories and novels by famous authors. Entertaining audio book stories read aloud by Mardell McCombs.

From fairy tales, science fiction, drama, romance, adventure in the Wild West, pirates on the high seas -  you're sure to find something to please.

Eight Podcast Described:

Astounding Stories Of Space And Time

Astounding Stories of Space and Time

Classic science fiction from your favorite authors 

Loves Tender Flame

Love's Tender Flame 

Pour a cup of tea, relax and escape to romance with tales of tender passion from times past

Tales Of Wonder

Tales Of Wonder

Classic fairy tales and magical children's books to delight all ages

The Sagebrush Trail

The Sagebrush Trail

Saddle up partner and head west for classic two-fisted adventure from the Pecos to the Yukon

Thrilling Tales Of Adventure

Thrilling Tales of Adventure

Exciting tales of pirates, lost civilizations and more with lots of swashbuckling adventure!

The Land Of Oz

The Marvelous Land of Oz

Experience the wonder and magic of Oz with all the original Oz books read in order.

Stories From The Shadows

Stories From the Shadows

Haunted tales from the Golden Age of ghost stories and supernatural.

The Locked Room

The Locked Room

Stories of mystery and crime fiction featuring detectives from the golden age of who-done-it's!